Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Leia had a rather terrible fall this morning. As both hubby and I were busy getting ready for work, Leia ran across the dining hall and tripped. Her head knocked the edge of the fridge and in and instant, we heard a loud scream....!
It must have been the worst fall she had so far. Well, I could sort of guessed it coz her cry was unstoppable and the bruise was swelling so quickly.

Still not happy... Ouch, my forehead...

It took us almost 15 minutes to console and assure her that it was alright then. Usually, her cry will immediately stop once we pick her up if the fall is minor. Poor baby...

Monday, March 2, 2009

No teeth still?? Part 3

Yes, finally made it to the clinic! Well, guess I had overly-rated my expectations prior to the visit coz it was nothing exciting nor eye-opening! I have no one to be blamed but myself!

"What is it?, what is it?", you may ask... But oh well... nothing extraordinary happened. Reached the clinic almost 9am and for the first time, couldn't get a parking lot there. Why did every parents decide to bring their 'lil ones there on the same day..?? So, being the responsible road user I always am, I politely parked next to the motorcycle park illegally but made sure that I didn't obstruct the traffic. Very thoughtful, wasn't I? Thankfully, I managed to persuade the security guard to let me go. Not surprising, right? Who on earth will not sympathise to a helpless, semi-incompetent-looking mom with a toddler strapped on the car seat - without any other human being at sight to assist her, right? "Cheh eh ho liao ha?" ("Just for a short while, ok?" in Hokkien), requested the security guard.

The visit lasted about one and a half hours. I do hope it is considered "short" for the kind security guard...

Anyway, it was just another regular check-up. Checked her weight - 9.5kg. She only gained 100g since her last 2 months visit. It's considered a low increase... But nothing to worry about as long as she's still gaining weight progressively. She was measured height for the first time, though.. 77.4cm. Oh, another first time - dental check, the moment I've been waiting for!

"Buka mulut, Leia..." ("open your mouth" in Malay), the nurse asked her. "Mai..." ("no" in Hokkien), she retorted. This happened for a few times until everyone gave up. So, I explained her progress to the nurse. According to her, some babies are late bloomers. *Duh.... They will usually refer the late bloomers to doctors if there's still no sign of teeth by the age of 2. So, Leia "failed the test" to get the chance to meet the doc. Remember I told you earlier, one tooth on the upper gum is showing...

So, there we were... listening to some dental care advise given by the nurse. I find it hard to believe that I need to start cleaning her hardly visible tooth! and gum. No more pacifier. Fact or myth?? That babies may develop imperfect teeth if they continue chewing on their pacifiers.

Want to know our progress thus far? Well, Leia has successfully lived her last 2 days without pacifier. Easy-peasy. No violent protest required. But....but... as for cleaning her tooth and gum, no action has been taken yet. Blame it on my lack of urgency. Hmmm... maybe tonight.