Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Birth of Luke

This post was saved as draft since year 2011. Don't know why I didn't manage to post it earlier. Anyway, posting it now... 9 years later. :)

Yes, the much awaited time finally arrived! My second child, Luke was born on 9 March 2011 at 4.37am.

Today is his 8th day on earth and thankfully, everything's under much control. Quite a calm and easy to manage baby. Doesn't kick up a fuss unless his hunger needs not being fulfilled. Other than that, he's happily lying down on the bed on his own (for a while), observing his surrounding. A cuddle/rock would be a bonus for him if he can't fall asleep after drinking his milk...

I'm recovering well gradually. Very grateful for all the support given to me. Mom - with her ever loving and tender care to cook and make sure that I'm properly nourished and taken care of during this one-month confinement. Yes, mom's the best! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Peaceful and quiet...everyone's asleep except me. Feel so awake after a nice warm bath... The only sounds that are accompanying me right now are the clicking sound of my typing and the swinging wall fan right next to me. Hmm...

I had a great night. Attended my sis-in-law's wedding with family members. It was held in the beautiful mansion, named Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion at the corner of the busy town of Georgetown. Everything was perfect - the people, the music, the decor, the food...And all these were personally arranged by the groom and bride themselves. Awesome...!

Cool..many family members were dressed to the theme of the night - oriental. Liara (the bride) was dressed in beautiful red cheongsam and so was the groom - red "kung fu" shirt. Pa-in-law in white creme "kung fu" shirt. Hubby in black and Leia in colourful pink cheongsam. Well, as for me, I opted for black, red kebaya top. With 6 months into my pregnancy, you would imagine how big I've become. So, cheongsam is totally out. Anyway, I'm proud to wear kebaya as it identifies my to my true ethnicity - nyonya (a Straits woman).

Hubby was the part-time cameraman on that night. So, once I've got the photos from him, will post them here. Very beautiful, colourful night indeed. :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

He's alive...

When I relax...
He stretches more inside me...
I can feel him almost every minute of the time...

Just wonder what he's doing now...
Sucking his thumb?
Strectching his arms?
Adjusting his resting position inside me?

Dear baby,
Can't wait to have you here with us...
It seems like forever...
Eventhough it's just 4 months to go...
Before we can hold you in our arms...
Place a kiss on your delicate, soft cheek...

Dear God,
May you keep my precious little one...
Healthy and safe...
In the soft blanket of my body...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Get your child's milk powder at supplier's price

My sis-in-law is selling baby and kid milk powder direct from suppliers. They are much cheaper than found in supermarkets. If you or your friends would like to buy milk of below brands, just drop me a note here. I'll connect you to her.

Price List:

*Similac (400g) RM 32.50
*Similac Gain (400g) RM 26.50
*Gain Plus (1.8kg) RM 89
(400g) RM 20
*Gain Kid (900g) RM 39
*Isomil Adv (400g) RM 25.50
*Isomil Plus (400g) RM 24.50
*Neo Sure (375g) RM 23.50
*Pedia Sure (400g) RM 27.50
*Collect 20 scoops and redeem from me RM10 voucher (Tesco/ Sunshine)

Mamex Gold 1 (650g) RM 47
(400g) RM 28.50
Mamex Gold 2 (1kg) RM 67
Mamil Gold 3 (1kg) RM 44
Mamil Gold 4 (600g) RM 24
Dupro (1kg) RM 23.50
Dugro (1-6yrs+) (1kg) RM 19.90
Snow 1 (900g) RM 44
Snow 2 (900g) RM 43
Snow 3 (900g) RM39
S26 Gold (200g) RM 11
Promil Gold (900g) RM 36
Progress Gold (200g) RM 6.50
Enfalac A+ (200g) RM 17.50
Enfagrow (40g) RM 1.40
Anmum 1 (200g) RM 12.50
Anmum 2 (200g) RM 11.50

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My sis is missing!

My aunt broke the news to me on last Friday when I picked up Leia from her house. My dear cousin sister (who used to babysit me when I was just an infant) is missing in Mauritius! I felt my heart dropped almost instantly! How could this happen???

She should have returned from her tour guide job stinct two weeks ago but till today, we haven't received any news from her at all. Her last phone text message home was when she first arrived Mauritius coming to 1 month ago.... What has happened to her? Her siblings have made a police report in KL and we've got a call from the police to verify her home address in Penang. But that's all the info we've got right now...

Nobody knew that she took up this job offer except her youngest sis. Apparently, she went for an interview with an agent in Batu Maung. But they didn't meet at the agent's office. Instead, they met somewhere on the road. Her daughter followed her. And all the info we've got about the so-called tour agent is that the person who interviewed her was a fat Chinese lady, seen by the daughter. My sis has not disclosed any other info to her youngest sis. The deal was that she's required to escort 3 tourists into the country and she'll be paid USD1000 per tourist. Her job is to negotiate with the customs officers should they face any difficulty in bringing the tourists into the country. Is there such job in this world??

Could my sis has fallen into a scam?? Oh God, please let my sis returns home soon...